The Stress Management and Counselling (SMAC)

The Stress Management Advice and Counselling Service (SMAC) is currently comprised of three internal stress management counsellors with access to a range of external specialists.  The aim of SMAC is to support the authority in ensuring the health and wellbeing of its employees through both pro-active and reactive means. It is a registered organisational member […]


The employee counselling service offers a range of support to employees. The service is confidential and delivered by counsellors who abide the by BACP ethical principals and guidelines.  The service aims to provide support in the way that best suits employees’ needs as they recognise people are individuals who want different things.  The service provides […]


Here is a list of templates that you may find useful:   Accidents.   COSHH.    Fire.   First Aid Risk Assessment.   Hazard Check Sheet.    Manual Handling.   Pregnancy.   Traffic Management.    Stress.