Gate & Door Operational Guidance

    The following are operational guides that have been written to support Managers that relate to the management of gates and doors within Authority premises.       Powered External Gates :   External Manually Operated Gates:   Internal Doors (Finger Guards):

Guidance For External Gates

The Corporate Health and Safety Service is now able to provide Guidance on the Management of Manually Operated Gates. The document is the result of a thorough investigation carried out by the Corporate Health and Safety Team – i.e. to assess the safety management systems in place at our schools premises regarding the use of […]

Red Alerts

 Red Dragon System Guidance on disposal of fluorescent tubes:   Disposal of fluorescent tubes:   Collection of fluorescent tubes:   Awareness of a near miss incident and the safe methods of putting air in tyres:   Awareness for Headteachers of the requirement for CHSWS to carry out external gate assessments due to a recent accident:   […]


  The following Operational Guidance Documents have been written to provide additional advice on a range of topics within the realms of Health and Safety: