The employee counselling service offers a range of support to employees.

The service is confidential and delivered by counsellors who abide the by BACP ethical principals and guidelines.  The service aims to provide support in the way that best suits employees’ needs as they recognise people are individuals who want different things.  The service provides one to one counselling.  Talking through issues can be helpful and sometimes it can be useful to talk to someone other that friends, family or work colleagues.  Someone who will listen, who is not emotionally involved and through training, has gained additional skills and knowledge to help.

Further provision of support to managers is available with consultation or bespoke training to assist in a wide range of management concerns.  There are also library books on common issues that can be accessed as well as links to computerised cognitive behaviour therapy programmes.  These can assist recovery between counselling sessions or can be accessed without a referral to the service.

Stress Management Policy


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The Authority acknowledges the importance of identifying and reducing workplace stressors and identifies  the need for support when stress is not work-related. It is further recognised that stress at either work or home can have a significant impact on the employee’s quality of life. This policy defines the measures the Authority has put in place to assist in the reduction of possible work-induced stress and the levels of support that Managers provide in order to maintain employee health and wellbeing.

Managers and employees should be aware that the Authority has in place a variety of access points to advise them and what levels of support are available. The access points are detailed in the body of the policy and all supporting literature.

Contact– Details for the Stress Management and Counselling Team
Referral:- If you want to refer yourself or an employee for stress management advice and counselling