Wrapping up for Christmas

Wrapping up for Christmas

The festive break is just round the corner and may be thinking
“How am I going to get everything done?”
Not just in terms of personal stuff, but also sorting things out at work.

Hopefully you’ll have some time off, but this can bring its own challenges. Whilst it’s meant to be a time for seeing
friends and family and switching off, many of us experience stress over the festive period, whether you’re in the
office or at home.
The Workplace Wellbeing team at Mind would like to offer you their top tips for wrapping up and planning your
return after the festive break.

Wrapping up at work

Taking time to make time

  • Take some time out to look at everything you’ve got to do
  • Identify what really has to be done before the festive break and what can be carried over to when you come back
  • If you really don’t have time to get everything done before you go on leave, speak to your manager to discuss solutions. For example, someone else might be able to help or some tasks might be less of a priority and can wait until you’re back

Managing your final couple of days

  • For any new requests coming in, manage people’s expectations about when you can realistically do the work

Take your breaks

  • Make sure you take your full breaks away from your desk or work station especially if your workplace gets busier during this time
  • We know this might feel like the last thing you want to do if you’re busy but taking a break will help you in the long run
  • Try and take a walk or get some fresh air during the day. Exercise and daylight are good for your mental health as well as physical health

If you’re in the office between Christmas and New Year be clear about what the priorities are and how to manage any queries if you’re providing cover for colleagues.


While you’re off

Switch off

  • Make sure that you have enough time for yourself to unwind and relax
  • Try to not think about work
  • Don’t check your work emails unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you must check them, restrict the number of times you do this

Stick to your usual routine

  • Whether you’re heading back to work the day after Boxing Day or have decided to take a longer break, don’t let your usual routine slip too much
  • Keep up some regular exercise, don’t over-indulge on unhealthy food or drink, and try to get up and go to bed around the times you usually do. It’s important to use your holiday to relax and unwind, but keeping active will make the return to work a lot less painful.

Hopefully, these tips will help you return to work fully refreshed and energised. Wishing you a lovely festive break!