National Exercise Referral Scheme

National Exercise Referral Scheme


The exercise referral scheme offered by City and County of Swansea is part of the National exercise referral program (funded by Welsh Government). The scheme is aimed at encouraging individuals who are currently inactive in participating in sport as part of a preventative or rehabilitation programme. Through the scheme, they are able to offer a variety of programmes that health professionals can refer into. These include:


  • Exercise referral
  • Falls prevention
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Exercise after stroke
  • Cancer rehabilitation
  • Weight management programme


The referral scheme lasts around 16 weeks depending on the referral reason and is delivered across the Council’s five Active Swansea leisure centres, the LC as well as selected community centres throughout Swansea. · Clients who are referred onto the scheme will get a chance to take part in a range of activities which include chair based sessions, fitness classes, Nordic walking and gym sessions. These classes last up to an hour (approximately) and are delivered in small groups of people. The scheme provides people with an opportunity to experience physical activity and its benefits in a safe welcoming environment, alongside fully qualified members of staff, with other individuals with similar conditions and fitness levels.


There are a number of benefits which can be gained through taking part in the scheme, these include;

More active and able lifestyle, weight loss, reduced depression and anxiety, Improve respiratory system, improve circulation, improve posture, joint pain and mobility, improve strength and muscle tone, social aspect, meeting new people, friends, gaining confidence, better quality of life, Improve physical, psychological and well being

How can you join the scheme?

There are a number of referral routes into the exercise referral scheme. Individuals can be referred by any health professionals that they are in contact with and can include GP’s, practice nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists, diabetic nurses or occupational therapists.

Who can be referred onto an exercise referral scheme?

Patients who are/have:

Over 16yrs old, Not moderately active, De-conditioned through age or inactivity, Raised blood pressure, Weight management, Controlled diabetes, High cholesterol, Family history of heart disease/diabetes, Referral from Cardiac Rehabilitation schemes (phase lv), Mild anxiety , depression or stress, At risk of Osteoporosis, Arthritis (mild), Poor mobility, Musculoskeletal pain including back pain, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder-Mild/moderate well controlled (asthma, bronchitis, emphysema), Multiple sclerosis, Smoker, Chronic fatigue


For further information please contact Jacqueline Morgan, Physical Activity Development Officer 01792 635219.