The Regulatory Reform Order (RRO) came into force in October 2006 and affects all non-domestic premises in England and Wales. The RRO places a legal obligation on the ‘responsible person’ to undertake a premises fire risk assessment to ensure that general fire precautions are in place and working properly.


Corporate Health and Safety Officers are working in conjunction with Facilities Management and the Mid and West Wales Fire Service (MAWWFS) to ensure that Premises Managers have adequate information with regards to fire awareness, introducing systems, toolkits and training.


The Big 3

There are 3 main documents when Managing Fire Safety:

  • Fire Risk Assessment
Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)

To comply with the RRO, the premises manager must ensure that a suitable and sufficient  Fire Risk Assessment is undertaken which must be available to the local Fire Authority upon request. The risk assessment template provided will assist all Premises Managers in collating all necessary information with regards to the risks and control measures (already in place and those additionally required)


  • Fire Emergency Action Plans (EAP)
Fire Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

The EAP identifies those personnel who have specific tasks in an evacuation, the procedure of raising the alarm through to evacuation and the aids required to assist you i.e. Evacuation Chairs. A template has been designed to be dowloaded for Premises Managers to populate relevant to their site.


  • Fire Normal Operation Procedures (NOP)
Fire Normal Operating Procedure (NOP)

The NOP has been designed to help the Premises Manager  identify those areas within fire safety that require checks, how frequent and by whom. The NOP will help identify all procedures that are carried out as part of operations i.e. checking fire doors and carrying out and recording the results of walk-around inspections.


 Fire Management File Documents:

CHSWS have created a number of documents to assist all Managers in producing an effective Fire Management File. The documents accessible below provide Managers with a checklist of what is required within the contents of the fire management file. This will ensure that all fire related information is stored in one place and is up to date.

Managers must provide their employees with adequate training and this will include the coordination of fire drills. These must be undertaken once every 6 months, however, consideration must be given to the number of employees and members of public and dependent upon the level of risk the risk in relation to fire i.e. Care Homes carry out 4-6 per year.

Fire Safety Checklists assist the Manager as a prompt to check fire related provisions and to evidence that such checks have been undertaken.



Fire Drill and Fire Evacuation Report Fire Management Checklist Fire Essentials Maintenance Checklist


Those Premises Managers which  need to make consideration for people with mobility issues or Manager’s of young people i.e. Work Experience, will need evidence of such within a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP).



Provisions will need to be made for those employees or members of the public that may rely on the use of oxygen condensers and/ or may carry oxygen cylinders. Managers must realise the dangers of such items in relation to fire

Guidance- Oxygen Therapy


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