The Corporate Health, Safety and Wellbeing Service utilises alerts as a means to offer communication with regards to safety advice or to highlight a potential risk or threat.  The alerts are normally distributed by email via the heads of service.




There are three types of alerts:

  • Where serious accident/incident/near misses requires remedial ‘ACTION’ by other managers in the authority to be undertaken to prevent a serious or fatal injury.
  • External influences e.g. HSE; Fire Authority alerts.
  • Where compliance with H&S & Fire Safety legislation could be compromised or there is a foreseeable intermediate risk to the H&S of employees and others and requires remedial ‘ACTION’ by other managers in the authority to be undertaken to prevent a serious or fatal injury.
  • Health and Safety Advice that would benefit Managers by reducing risk through raising awareness.
  • Highlight best practice displayed within the Authority.
  • Communicate instruction on changes to legislation, Codes of Practice or Procedures.


Recent alerts can be found within their relevant sections: